Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chris Foot on being a successful DBA

Excellent artice by Chris Foot on being a good DBA.

My favourite quote: I know they have all experienced that uncontrolled “eye-twitching” at 2 AM when they are ready to hit the final enter key to execute the command. You know what command I’m talking about too. It’s that one command that you really, really, really hope is going to come back with a successful return code and ultimately end with a database that is finally usable. Whether it’s a recovery, a file fix or corrupt data is immaterial, it’s the wait that we are talking about. There is no longer wait in our profession than waiting for the message below after a database recovery:

SQL> Database opened.

Time always seems to stand still. The longer the recovery, the messier the recovery. The more critical the database – the longer you wait. You stare at the screen hoping beyond hope that the above message will appear. It’s the ritual cross your fingers, spin around three times, face towards Oracle headquarters and pray to everything that is Larry Ellison wait. I’ve actually caught myself mumbling, “Come on, come on, come on…” I don’t care how sure you are of your capabilities, or how much of an Oracle “Ace” you are – you know the anticipation I’m talking about..

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