Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Virtual Iron kicks VMWare

From Network World: 

Virtualization software vendor Virtual Iron (VI) is looking to undercut established player VMware saying that the cost of VMware's software is hindering the virtualization market.

VI has joined HP's new invitation-only ProLiant Partner Program  and HP's BladeSystem Solution Builder Program.

VI's marketing manager Mike Grandinetti said that HP "took VI 3.5 into its labs and tested and validated it on servers and high volume storage arrays -- EVA8000 Enterprise Virtual Array and the MSA1000 Modular Smart Array -- before inviting us to join."

Trumpeting the superiority of his technology, Grandinetti said: "We can manage 96GB of RAM per virtual server compared to VMware's 16GB, and our enterprise edition is the only enterprise solution with advanced workload migration abilities to move live virtual servers from one physical server to another in real time, such as in the event of hardware failure of some kind.

Also the image of the VM can be expanded from 0.1 of a CPU to 8 CPUs simultaneously."

Source: Virtual Iron kicks off virtual spat - Network World

Not bad!

Now I wonder if I can get a copy for my notebook?


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