Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oracle releases Oracle Enterprise Linux

After months of debate about whether Oracle would launch its own Linux, or buy a vendor, Oracle has decided to release a distribution based on Red Hat - similar to Centos, but with support. What is impressive is the price of the support - way cheaper than Red Hat - which has been exorbitantly expensive - more expensive than running Windows Server 2003 in fact.

So hats off to Oracle. Now there is some competition.

Makes me wonder though about whether Oracle's primary development platform for x64 will be 64-bit Eneterprise Linux, or whether they will use Solaris 10 x64 as announced November last year. Six months is a long time in I.T.

Personally, as a DBA that has installed and managed Oracle databases on pretty much all the UNIX distros, I would rate Solaris 10 way higher than Linux, which I still feel to be not much better than Beta software and about as stable as Windows 3.1! Linux seems to benefit from a monthly boot, while older established UNIX like AIX can run for a year without a problem.

Most of the non-responsive Oracle systems I have encountered have been on Linux, and usually an OS problem rather than anything wrong with Oracle.

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