About Kirk

I am an Oracle DBA in Melbourne, Australia. I have been working as a DBA since 1997. Currently I am seeking part time employment, which is difficult to find for a role traditionally fulltime!

Previously I have worked for:

  • Arc Innovations ( Electricity Industry, smart metering)as senior DBA 
  • Mark Gurry & Associates as a senior database consultant.
  • Capgemini as a Senior Database Consultant
  • Preston Aviation Solutions (now Jeppesen), a Boeing subsidiary, as sole-charge development DBA
  • Oracle Support Services as Senior Support Engineer, and Technical Specialist at Oracle On Demand (formerly Oracle Outsourcing),

My intention is to post useful Oracle tid-bits that I come across, that may or may not be of use to me again, and possibly some others who through web mis-adventure stumble onto the site.

My interests, in no order, are photography, motorsport, oracle, computing generally, my wife and son..

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  1. Looks much better than my page!

    See you around OTN.


  2. Thanks mseberg, where is your page?

    You have reminded me I need to update this page - I have a new job and country.