Friday, February 18, 2011

DBA Quote of the day - Kellyn Pedersen

Couldn't agree more. There is a difference between being a DBA that knows how to run commands, and being an experienced DBA knowing WHAT is important and WHEN or IF something should be done.

Kellyn Pedersen is an excellent DBA I respect. She has just joined the Pythian Group.

There is always a fine line between taking the safe course to applying patches/addressing issues and being too cautious and not pulling the trigger even when you’ve covered all your bases.  Understanding the difference between a researched and calculated risk vs. a foolish risk is very important as a DBA.


There will always be risk whenever you work in a database.  The database is connected to everything in an IT environment- the network, the application, the disk array, the CPU, the memory, you name it, our databases our connected to it.


What surprises many is that some of the most neglected and poor performing databases I’ve encountered have rarely been those that have had “risk taker” DBA’s managing them, but instead were managed by DBA’s that were overly cautious.  These DBA’s were so terrified of any negative impact that they did not act at all and this resulted in some environments that could barely stay up and perform for a full day at a time.


Knowing when to “pull the trigger” and give companies technical direction is almost as important as knowing how to backup and recover a database.  The latter skill can be taught and the former can come with experience and confidence, but for some, it simply is a mindset that must come with the DBA before any technical skills are acquired.


The DBA and the Trigger | The Pythian Blog


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