Thursday, March 20, 2008

Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) Version 3 Beta available to download.

MOF is Microsoft's implementation of ITIL - an ITIL++ if you will. If you are interested in setting up Database Administration best practices, procedures, standards, policies etc, then ITIL/MOF is a great framework to follow.

I especially like MOF because you don't have to pay thousands of British Pounds for the documentation - Microsoft puts it online for free. Rock on Microsoft! Vista is a dog, but you are making up for it.

Much is applicable to the implementation of ITIL in a database support environment.

Version 3 is now in Beta - you can download and look at the docs here:

This Beta includes, amongst others, these documents:

· Business/IT Alignment SMF
· Change and Configuration SMF
· Customer Service SMF
· Financial Management SMF
· Problem Management SMF
· Design and Deliver Phase Overview
· Operate and Support Phase Overview
· Plan and Optimize Phase Overview
· Build SMF
· Deploy SMF
· Envision SMF
· Governance, Risk, and Compliance SMF
· Operations Management SMF
· Policy Management SMF
· Project Plan SMF
· Reliability Management SMF
· Service Monitoring and Control SMF
· Stabilize SMF
Current (Version 2) MOF:

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