Friday, March 28, 2008

Oracle's patch management only 5 years behind Microsoft?

Oracle's patching is 10 years behind Microsoft. At least it has improved, slightly, with opatch.

I have had the joy of working with SQL Server recently, and I must admit it is very intuitive to manage, and SQL Server patches are just like any other Windows Microsoft patch.

Computerworld - Database expert: Oracle behind Microsoft on patch management
Oracle needs to improve patch management, an area where it's currently lagging five years behind Microsoft, according to database expert Karel Miko at Czech consultancy DCIT.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) Version 3 Beta available to download.

MOF is Microsoft's implementation of ITIL - an ITIL++ if you will. If you are interested in setting up Database Administration best practices, procedures, standards, policies etc, then ITIL/MOF is a great framework to follow.

I especially like MOF because you don't have to pay thousands of British Pounds for the documentation - Microsoft puts it online for free. Rock on Microsoft! Vista is a dog, but you are making up for it.

Much is applicable to the implementation of ITIL in a database support environment.

Version 3 is now in Beta - you can download and look at the docs here:

This Beta includes, amongst others, these documents:

· Business/IT Alignment SMF
· Change and Configuration SMF
· Customer Service SMF
· Financial Management SMF
· Problem Management SMF
· Design and Deliver Phase Overview
· Operate and Support Phase Overview
· Plan and Optimize Phase Overview
· Build SMF
· Deploy SMF
· Envision SMF
· Governance, Risk, and Compliance SMF
· Operations Management SMF
· Policy Management SMF
· Project Plan SMF
· Reliability Management SMF
· Service Monitoring and Control SMF
· Stabilize SMF
Current (Version 2) MOF: